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Over the last years I have been training people to become leaders in their own right, and what has emerged is a growing team of people who hold this medicine, who run workshops of their own, and also who help to grow this work in the world. This team of people are those who have committed to this medicine path, and who have been around the Medicine Wheel many times in order to deepen their understanding of this work. They help to teach during classes and courses, and they run their own workshops, ceremonies and courses.

The work of the medicine wheel requires us all to take full responsibility for ourselves in every aspect of our lives. It also is a way to make a big difference in our world.. simply by doing our personal work and raising the vibration that we put out into the world.

Science is beginning to catch up now with what the mystics and shaman have always known.. that we are connected by invisible threads of energy, that we are all a unique expression of the one heart, the one voice. We understand that when we heal our personal wounds,  we are also healing backwards and forwards through time. Clearing the way for our ancestors, and for those who come after us.

No one comes to the shamanic path that hasn't experienced some kind of crisis, or trauma.. ..our path has never been an easy one...  but the very fact that we have sought out solutions, and assistance along the way ensures that we have grown compassion and understanding for the journey, and this makes us available as a gift to those in need of guidance and reassurance along the path of life.

I am happy to introduce to you the teams that I have trained both in UK and in Romania. Should you wish to find out more about the training, about the practices and about the Way of the Shaman you can call on any one of us and we will be happy to share our stories.

The UK team:
Debbie Brooks Tregloan, Liz Brown, Wendy Sullivan, Alex Greaves, Lauren Hornby, Jessie Mallock, Kim McFadden.

The Romania team:
Radu Nagy, Miruna Nagy, Marius Plesea, Valentin Neata, Valentina Danila, Daniela Mihut, Ioana Constantin, Cristina Simion, Irina Raduta.

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