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Shamanic healing


The role of the shaman throughout time has been to delve fearlessly into the underworld to retrieve our wholeness. There, in the world of the unconscious, the shaman recovers the missing pieces of our personal life’s puzzle; those things that we put away in order to fit in with the expectations of our family, culture or society.  As we gracefully reinstall each missing piece into it’s rightful place,  we witness all the other parts of the puzzle re-assemble themselves into a whole new life’s map that spreads out before us.  We discover the 'real' story that brought us here.

The effects of this extend throughout the rivers of time, behind us through our past, and before us into our destiny.

When we decide to take this step on our Soul’s journey and work with a shaman, it leads us to own our own power. Working with a shaman we discover a more authentic self, we discover more of who we know ourselves to be, we begin to bring forth our gifts and talents so that we step into our becoming and as we do so we create and hold a new map for ourselves that shapes our destiny and that of the world.

Then we understand that we can change our world by changing ourselves, and we can re-negotiate the contracts that we made that keep us stuck in toxic illnesses, painful relationships, work that doesn’t inspire us.




When we have an illness or physical symptom that can’t be mended, that isn’t responding to normal treatment; when we have a sense of dread that seems to come from nowhere; if we can’t seem to make our life work anymore, then working with a shaman can be life changing and transformative. Working on the energetic level, shamanic healing reaches into those hidden places like no other treatment can.  Healing is a journey that you make, and the shaman accompanies you, helping you to step away from old patterns, and clearing out the old energies that are no longer helpful, and  helping you to reclaim your true self. It's not something done to you.. . you will be empowered as you participate in your own healing process.

Time to reclaim the healthy, vibrant Self, our birthright; making the first appointment is the first step!


The weight of responsibility, the expectations that are placed on us at certain times in our lives leads us to feel anxious and weighed down with all the ‘ought to’s, the ‘should’s and the ‘have to’s. We may feel bound by duty or loyalty, perhaps we’ve realised that we’re living someone else’s dream. Maybe we feel tired all the time.

Time to find our own dreams and learn how to step into them


Perhaps we find ourselves putting everyone else first, and we begin to notice how often our needs are last on that very long list. Maybe we find ourselves constantly putting off what’s important to us in favour of others. We may even begin to feel resentful that others are taking too much of our time and energy!

Time to learn how to stand strong, to say ‘no’ to that which doesn’t serve us and ‘yes’ to that which does. Time to create healthy boundaries. To feel our powerful self step in, and protect our more vulnerable giving self from over-extending itself. Time to learn to hold our own in the face of conflict and others expectations of us.


Sometimes, we get stuck in life. We get a sense that our life isn’t working quite so well as it used to, perhaps we notice that we are going round and round the same old loop, we might even have done lots of different therapeutic processes, much self healing and yet even so we can’t seem to find the way out of this loop. Even we are getting bored with our own story!

Time to create a new story, a new map for our self. One that allows us to step into our destiny.


In the beginning we thought we knew what we wanted from life, we set off full of life and energy, doing the thing that we thought would bring us everything that life could offer. Then one day we woke up to find ourselves lost. What we thought was important no longer seems to matter so much, our joy and passion for life has gone and we didn’t even notice the moment it finally got up and went.

At these important life-changing times we may even need a totally new map to guide us into the next phase of our lives.


Change happens, change is inevitable; how we deal with it is all important. It may be that we lose or change our roles, our jobs; we may lose our health, our money, and our sense of who we are in the world. Sometimes we choose change; sometimes it’s forced upon us. Either way our old map has run out.   There are days when we look in the mirror and we don’t recognise the person looking back at us!

Times like this we need to uncover who we truly are, find our own new way to dance with life, rediscover our own voice, our personal expression, our authentic self that knows what our true purpose is.  

If your answer to any of these questions is 'yes', then you're in the right place.  You found me!   I know from my own life experience that there are times  when we need the kind of help that a shamanic practitioner can offer.  It's about listening to your story, not giving advice, or telling you what to do, but helping you to re-discover how your soul needs to express itself in the world and in the process pulling away what's getting in the way.  I see my work somewhat like a sculptor, who takes a piece of stone and sees what it's meant to be rather than making it into what I want, and in the process, I remove all the things that are 'not' so that in the end the 'what is' shines through!
Healing takes many forms, in this tradition you are part of the solution, and I absolutely trust that your soul knows who you were meant to be, so my task with you is to help you to bring forth that unique gift so that your life reflects the best version of you.  I have achieved this for myself with these same healing tools that I use for my clients.  I like to think that I'm a living example of how to become the version of you that you were meant to be.


Shamanic Healing can take many forms. The following are what I offer:


If there is an issue or a situation that is holding up your life, perhaps you’ve tried lots of other therapeutic modalities to no avail, then shamanic healing can help. In a one-to-one session, we have two hours together in which I use energy healing processes to meet the issue at a profoundly deep level, calling on techniques such as Illumination, energetic extractions, soul retrieval, and so much more.  I have trained over 40 years in many different modalities, from body work to psychotherapeutic processes, but of all the things I learned,  this version of energy healing has been the way to heal at the deepest, most profound, level.  These techniques are based on the energy healing practices of the Peruvian shaman, the medicine men and women of the Q'ero tradition.  I trained with Dr. Alberto Villoldo in the Inca traditions, and I taught for his school for many years.  The medicine wheel that I teach is based on the techniques, tools and practices that were taught to me.   I have been a healer and teacher for over 20 years, so have many years of experience of working with people, both one to one and in groups.


Group courses, such as our Way of the Earthkeeper Introduction days, and our brand new on-line zoom evening sessions, are a great way to begin your journey of self discovery with us, and to develop your understanding of the map that is the 'Medicine Wheel' progamme. These workshops connect you with a group of like-minded people, that absolutely feel like your ‘tribe’. Everyone who has joined our courses, sessions, workshops says the same thing:  they feel like they have come home.  What that means is they have found meaning and purpose, something sacred and meaningful that speaks directly to the soul of each of us.  When you join us for a day or an evening, a weekend, or the full programme of training,  you will experience the ceremonies that are part of the earthkeeper tradition, you'll recieve rites of passage that help to keep you protected in a world that seems uncertain and chaotic, and you'll discover a new way of seeing the world, a sense of what perhaps might have been missing in your life, a connection to something sacred and more meaningful than the everyday.  Our passion is to share with you simple, practical and powerful tools to help you stay calm, centred and balanced; techniques that you can also share with your friends and family.  We love to share with you the same processes that have helped us to become who we were always meant to be, and above all to help us to create the kind of world we really want to live in, and leave behind for those who come after us.  You'll find details of these courses under the 'workshops' section of this website.


Is your home or work place a relaxing, soothing place to be?  Or does your home or your work place have a difficult vibe that is disturbing to you? Are there some things about your home that you don't feel at ease or comfortable with?    Just in the same way that energy can get stuck, or stagnate in our personal energy field creating disease, or a lack of wellbeing... energy also gets stuck in buildings, especially where there has been unresolved conflict, or distress of some kind.. distress that may even relate to events of the past. Buildings hold the energy of all that takes place there; the walls absorb energy,  just as we do.  You will have an instinct about a place when you walk in;  all of us have the experience of either liking the vibe of a place, or feeling disturbed by a place.. our instincts pick up the energies that are left there.  It's no different to how we can feel about people too... we either like the 'feel' of them .. or not.   We have a team of practitioners who love to do space clearing, it's their passion.  It's transformative work, intense and powerful, it is very healing for the building and often for the people who live and work there...  it can take most of the day and the effects are immediate!


Your personal healing journey may involve stepping into the Medicine Wheel training programme.  This is  a year-long commitment to your personal growth and journey of self discovery.  We use the techniques that are rooted in the teachings of the Q’ero medicine men and women of the Sacred Valley in Peru. Whether or not you you wish to become a practitioner is not important; for some of my students, this is purely a personal journey. Many remain in their line of work, and I always stress that we do not enter this training so that we can turn our backs on any aspect of our lives - career, family, relationships, whatever it might be. Nor is it a prerequisite!!! Far from it. What this training offers is a new blueprint for living, and requires no deliberate change of outer circumstances; as we do our deep personal work, the evolutions take place within. , As you strip away the things that are holding  you back what you will discover during the training is your one true and precious gift; the thing that you came to do, the life you came to fulfill, the talent that you have been hiding.   Here in this training you will reveal to yourself what you have always known deep inside.. the meaning and purpose behind your life, how you were meant to serve, and how you were meant to live.
If you aren't sure this is for you..  here are some real life examples of how this training has helped:
The hidden artist, who now has exhibitions of her work world wide; the would-be writers who have written their books and are now published authors; the musician  crushed by the pressure to perform is now enchanting audiences with her music and discovering the healing art of music; the homeopath who is now a sound therapist, gongs and trauma release therapy is her passion and her service; the actress who couldn't find her voice is now living and performing on stage in america.  My goodness these are just a few of the great transformations that I have witnessed as I've facilitated this beautiful training programme. 

This is the complete package, a year to find your truth, your authenticity, your true purpose.  It changed my life, and helped me to discover who I am as a teacher, a healer and a shaman.  This is my service to the world, and I trust that you will find your soul's purpose as you make this journey too.

You will find all the details of the One Year Medicine Wheel Training under the heading of 'training' on this website... go and see what we offer!

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