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The Details:
A session with me will last 90 minutes
The cost of a session is currently £120
It helps to be very clear about the issue that you would like to deal with even though this may change in the moment.
I work in the centre of Reading, Berkshire and you will need to phone in advance to make an appointment.  I also do many of my sessions on the telephone as I work with clients all over Europe and UK. 

Here is an outline of the type of processes that I might use during the course of a session and I may use a combination of these, or none of these depending on what is called for in the moment. You can expect to feel lighter, clearer and more at ease with yourself after only one session. Healing will be instantaneous because we are working on the luminous energy field; the effect of it will take a little time to filter through to the physical body and the healing may be quite different to the way you imagined it to be.  You will almost certainly be given some soul tasks to do during the times in between appointments.  These tasks will be to help you to create new neurological pathways in the brain - encouraging you to step into your healed state, rather than focus on your old issues.  This is your committment to your healing journey, since healing is a journey rather than an intervention.


The illumination process is the core technique that we use
Deals with specific issues where patterns are stuck in the luminous energy field

During the illumination process old imprints are released

Stuck energy is released through the chakra system.
The chakras are cleansed and re-balanced.

Tracking and removing energies that that live within your luminous energy field and effect your life in an adverse way
(These energies may be from past wounds/past lives/present trauma)
Cutting ties that bind and freeing up your energy body
Cleansing the luminous energy body

Working with ancestral and generational patterns to remove the imprints from your field.

When the body has the ‘fight or flight’ locked on, we can use up huge amounts of energy staying on red alert, keeping us safe. This simple technique de-couples this mechanism and the body learns how to relax thoroughly. This is particularly helpful for people who feel stressed/burnt out/hyper-active!

Journeying into the underworld can help us to understand what’s holding us: repeating patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us, revisiting the same old issues without getting resolution, realising that something is missing from our life but not sure what it is… we gain understanding and compassion from this process and above all the resource we need to move on.

We live within a mythology: our own personal stories are very much alive within us, and we also hold within us the myths of our times. When our personal story begins to hurt us (illness/struggle/disenchantment/disillusionment) it’s time to make changes. Changing the myth, changes the course of our destiny.
The ancient wise women used divination and spell casting!
I prefer the act of dis-spelling! I prefer that clients be empowered to step out of their old spells: the spells that society/family/generations has cast upon them.
Now we can dis-spell the old myth and create a new story that is in tune with our destiny, to step fully into the life that’s ours and that has always lived within us.

There are times in our lives when it’s helpful to have way markers, whether it’s moving from one stage of life to another, whether it’s loss, or celebration. The cycles of life and death and re-birth, live within in us.
We see it in our lives as we move from baby to child to adult to elder and then ultimately on to death.
We see this in the waxing and waning of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tide, the cycle of the seasons.
Nature itself speaks to us of the need to celebrate ourselves, to honour the changes, and mourn the losses.
All the earth based traditions use ceremony at these times to enhance and empower the changes.
When we are stepping from one part of our life to another, we may have this honoured, a ceremony created specifically for us.
A rite of passage or a ritual allows us to call upon the Sacred Other to be witness to our intentions, allows us to call upon the Universe to be present, and empowers the changes that we want to make. When we offer our prayers to Spirit, we know that they will be answered. We simply have to get out of the way and watch it unfold!

A Despacho - a prayer of thanksgiving