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All indigenous cultures have a Medicine Wheel as the basis of their tradition. The wheel represents the cycles of life that we as humans undertake during our time on earth. They are maps that guide us, that help us understand who we are, and allow us to grow and evolve as we journey around the wheel of life. I also see the Medicine Wheel as a spiral, that as we walk a Medicine Wheel we come ever closer to the centre, bringing us home to who we are, evolution in action. Click here to request the brochure for the 2019-20 Medicine Wheel training (the next opportunity to join us).

Click here to listen to Chris describe what this means to us as we step into the Medicine Wheel, in this podcast interview with Steve Ahnael Nobel of The Soul Matrix.


Learn to see with the eyes of the shaman, to change your perception of the world so that the world itself changes. Discover ancient, life-enriching ways to engage with the world and learn processes and techniques that allow you to heal effortlessly, to walk in integrity and beauty.

This course immerses you in the Medicine Wheel where you embark on your own personal healing journey as you make your way around the wheel, at the same time  learning how to work with energy, and powerful processes and techniques that you can share with others.

As we journey together around this Medicine Wheel we dispel the old myths that we have lived by as a culture, and loosen the grip of fear and lifelessness so that we can live the life we came to live wholeheartedly.

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The Way of Compassion

The south is the start of the healers journey to wholeness. Here we release  the grip of our personal stories, unbinding them from our DNA. The work of scientists like Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden have helped us all to become aware of the fact that our DNA is not fixed, that we can indeed change it, and download a new version of ourselves that heals spontaneously, releasing us from the place of victim that we have inherited.

Just as serpent sheds its skin regularly so that it can grow bigger, so we too can gently and with compassion, honour and respect, let go of our past, step away from our personal stories of pain and suffering. Each time we shed a piece of our past we have the chance to grow. When we remove the bindings that hold us back or keep us small we have the opportunity to move forward, to grow fully into each new stage of our lives. Then we are living in right balance and harmony with ourselves and in right relation to the earth. Then we walk in beauty.

Here we learn the foundation tools of the healing process: Cleansing the Chakras.

2019-20 DATES:

Friday 22 - Wednesday 27 March 2019 (Romania)

Friday 5 - Wednesday 10 April 2019 (UK).

Call or email Chris to join us - places are now filling fast. UK deposit payments via Eventbrite.



The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

In the west we make peace with our shadows. Here we heal the stories of our ancestors and release ourselves from the grip of karma, of scare-city, of lack, of toxic thinking, guilt and shame.   This is where we step away from the place of victim, whether it be victim of our genes, our generational patterns or past lives: I call upon the work of Carl Jung, Debbie Ford,  the Hendricks Institute, and Bill Plotkin who have taught and influenced my work with the shadow parts of ourselves.. so that we can let go of that which not longer serves us... and step beyond fear and lifelessness. Embracing all the parts of ourselves, all the shadow characters that show up in our dramas... so that we no longer have need of enemies to show us what needs to be healed from within.

In the West we learn: Spirit Releasement and how to transform energies that no longer serve us, so that we free up our own energy and make ourselves available for life itself.

2019-20 DATES:

Friday 5 - Wednesday 10 July 2019 (UK)

Friday 19 - Wednesday 24 July 2019 (Romania)


The Way of the Hero

In the north we reclaim the 'hero' within. Having shed our past, we learn more about who we truly are. Exploring the meaning and purpose of our lives. Behind the roles that we play and the masks that we wear - who are we? Why are we here? The north direction encourages our unique gifts and talents to manifest into the world. This is where we come to understand that every moment is new, and we can no longer inform our lives from the past, so we see each moment fresh and from this place of not knowing we can truly step outside of time and download a new destiny, one that isn't informed by the past but that calls to us from the future.  In the North we learn how to reclaim the parts of us that were lost along the way, new resources that inform our lives from this moment on:  the Soul Retrieval Process.

2019-20 DATES:

Friday 4 - Wednesday 9 October 2019 (Romania)

Thursday 24 - Tuesday 29 October 2019 (UK)


 The Way of the Dreamer

All the great teachers throughout time speak of death, not as something to be feared but as a state of grace to be embraced during life. We learn here in the east that death is not the end, but the beginning of new life; and that life is everlasting and as we transcend even our human-ness we realise that we are all a unique expression of the One being, that our purpose here is to grow god within us. And so we learn to question the beliefs that we formed along the way, using Byron Katie's work as a backdrop to seeing how, co-creating with the Universe , we create our  world every moment from our thinking, and our beliefs, and that as soon as we bring our beliefs into consciousness we have the ultimate power to change them for more life-enriching, self encouraging beliefs that serve us and serve our world. In the east we re-discover the 'real' story that called us to this life so that we can finally choose to step in.

Calling on the works of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and the importance of doing our grief and ancestor work taught to me by Malidoma Somé, African shaman... as well as the work of Alberto Villoldo, we learn what it means to die consciously, our eyes closed, and our hearts open. Taking the greatest journey home to our essence.  

Just as death itself is a transition from the known to the unknown, we are given the chance to face many little deaths along the way. Throughout our lives we are faced with opportunities to mourn the loss of that which has passed, so that we can step fully into the next phase of our lives: divorce, retirement, leaving a job, leaving school, leaving college, moving house; these transitions are opportunities to redefine ourselves, and from there create something new from the best of that which was.  Rites of passage that allow us to move forward  and evolve.

Buckminster Fuller says: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 

This is the way of the Dreamer... dreaming a new dream, a dream that is not informed by past experiences, but a dream which calls to us from who we are becoming,  from the place of the unknown;  and from this place  we envision a brand new world for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, that is based on ayni (right relationship with all beings)  fairness, equality, integrity, creating a brave new world for our children and our children's children. This is the WAY OF THE SHAMAN.

2018-19 DATES:

Friday 25 - Wednesday 30 January 2019 (Medicine Wheel - Romania)
Friday 8  Wednesday 13 February 2019 (Medicine Wheel - UK)

2019-20 DATES:

Friday 24 - Wednesday 29 January 2020 (Romania)

Thursday 6 - Tuesday 11 February 2020 (UK)


The Medicine Wheel is the path of initiations of the Earthkeeper tradition. You will receive the Initiations handed down by the medicine men and women of the Inca tradition.  Rites of passage that prepare our luminous energy field for the time to come; a time of transformation that has been prophesied by all ancient traditions. 


As a species we are growing and evolving even with generations, changing the matrix of our energy field through our work, to become the new human, homo luminous.  Children of the sun. We are part of the great story of the evolution of humanity, and we can choose to create a new paradigm that honours all life;  one of power, love and harmony; rather than continue to re-create the old paradigm of dis-empowerment, and separation from Love, that has led to conflict, war and struggle. My teachings are an eclectic mix now of many teachers that I have sat with along the path... shaman from the Inca tradition, the Navajo tradition, and the African tradition... and they all speak of this time as being the time of the prophecies when a new world will be created, that is based on love, and respect for each other, and for our unique gifts as individuals.  My aim through my teachings is that we embrace our individuality, seeing ourselves shining like bright stars in the night sky, and yet still form part of a constellation.. that we embrace each other as brother and sister in Unity rather than the old story of competing and at war with each other.


This programme teaches you the energy medicine of the shaman, the science behind the mystical traditions, how to make your life a sacred offering to the Universe, how to work with nature and let nature speak back to you... listening to the Universe at all levels of consciousness.  My aim for you is that you become a Shamanic Practitioner in your own right. Understanding the laws of creation, understanding how we are participating in creation itself right now. And that we together create  a new story of evolution, of empowerment, of connectedness, and right relation with all beings. 


I will be your lead facilitator as you journey through this medicine wheel. I have worked with groups for 20 years and teach shamanism in UK and Europe.  I teach this work not from a place of authority, and dogma, but by modelling the work. Being the change I want to see in the world, empowering my students to step into their fullness and what a great joy it is to see that happening.  It's about sharing, and experiencing rather than being 'taught'. My work is full of simple beauty, artistry, grace and humour.

You can find full details of the team of teachers that assist in the delivery of this training on the LINKS page...

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