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Space clearing

As human beings, we are connected to a vast web of life from which we cannot fall or in which we cannot fail. We have energetic connections to everything and everyone that we have a meaningful relationship with. We are connected to our families, our homes, our workplaces, even the trees and plants and creatures that live in the land surrounding the places where we live and work. Whether we are aware of these connections or not, they do exist, and when we are sensitive and aware we can tap into these energies and work with them; equally when we feel disconnected, when something has disrupted the free flow of energy, we notice dis-ease and disharmony creeping into our awareness, and things begin to feel ‘off’… though we may not know why.

When we understand this principle of connection to the vastness of all life that all indigenous peoples embrace as a basis for living life itself, then we can also grasp the concept of working within an energetic field that moves and changes even as we observe it, as we work with it. Without going into the details of quantum physics, this is what the ancient peoples have always known, and this is how a shaman does their work.

Everything is made up of energy - everything begins with an energetic signature that grows into a note, a flavour, a story, a structure, a life. Places hold energy too; there are power places on the planet where energies are strong and where ancient peoples have built altars in the land (Stonehenge, Newgrange, Machu Picchu).

Where you and I choose to live (or locate our business) holds particularly special energetic significance for us. We know intuitively when we have found a home or workplace that we feel ‘at home’ in: it feels right to us and we feel that it suits our needs.

Then, if our home or business life is disrupted in some way, things can begin to feel off and uncomfortable; something has changed.

Sometimes this happens when a home is restructured in some way… whether this is through external building works, extensions, or refurbishments; or through the simple act of people leaving and it feels different - a divorce, children leaving home, or a change in the relationships within the home. With a business, it may be that the energetic note of the business has changed in some way… perhaps some personal issues have intervened in the business. It is then that a disturbance occurs in the energetic field that needs to be seen, or heard by someone who can.

It is likely that what has drawn us to that place (home or workplace) in the beginning is our affinity: our resonance to the energetic signature that that place, that building and that land holds.

Those affinities can be our own personal ancestral and karmic affinities, the energetic note that we hold within us, invisibly conducting the stories that we play out. These affinities call for our attention and for resolution. They draw to us our life experiences, and call us to the places where we live and work, to the characters that we live and work with, and these same affinities assemble our reality in order that we can see them.

Our ability to deal with what shows up depends on our inner resilience and of course there are times in our lives when we cannot see for ourselves what is happening.

Sometimes, it can seem like our world is turned upside down - nothing is the same as it was. And this can happen to such an extent that it may be time to call in help from a shaman to do the personal work necessary for clearing out the old stories - and the affinities we have for them - setting us on a new path, a new journey to wholeness and peace.

If it seems that this disturbance also has some connection with the place where you live or work, then this when a Space Clearing can help.

Most people think of Space Clearings as being needed when coincidental and disturbing happenings have shown up at home or workplace, and if we call in the ‘ghostbusters’ they will dispose of these random visitations and all will be well.

In our experience, there are no accidents. And as we are realising collectively through increasingly familiar concepts like ‘shadow’ and ‘projection’, it’s not only ‘out there’ but also ‘in here’.

As we all call back to our own hearts that which we put onto others, we can free ourselves from these affinities, and release the old worn-out stories of who we have been. Then we can show up authentically, live the life we came to live, and be who we really came to be - free to step into the best version of ourselves, re-connected with the people we work with and live with, and with the land that surrounds us, the home that nourishes us; all that is supporting us on our Soul’s journey.

Sometimes, the assistance of others with a more objective perspective on our situation is what’s required to help us to make any big shifts in our life. This is what we do at Spirit of the Inca: our work is to envision; to have the capacity and the clarity to see the landscapes, both inner and outer, that you may not be able to see.

When we do Space Clearing, we are not just looking at your house, or your building, or your workplace. Our work is to track the story of you - ancestrally and karmically; this place on the Earth that has called you (back) to it; and the affinities that are calling for your attention.

In this way, every element in the building and on the land that is caught up in this story can be tracked, seen, heard, forgiven, loved, and released back to Source (whatever that means in each case).

Our work is to create a container that allows you to be so completely supported that you can, with absolute trust, surrender to the experience and release the old story of you and the land that you are placed in.

This is because what we are also tracking is who you truly came here to be - your greatest potential - so that in the end it’s this that calls you and organises your reality.

There are no rules and no instructions list for Space Clearing - each experience is unique. But what is common to each is a set of principles. First, the ability of the shaman to listen deeply to the real story of what is there, and to meet the real need beneath the disturbance, disharmony or discomfort that’s showing up. Seen in a holy and wholly way, we will help you discover the gift: what the situation is calling forth for you to see. There always is one, and finding it is often the key to release, forgiveness and then the inevitable transformation that comes from and through it.

Another principle we work with is the connection that we make with the story of the land, because the land also speaks. Sometimes the land itself calls people to it who can help bring it back to balance if there has been imbalance in the past. So we listen really carefully here, too, for what the land needs from its caretaker in order to return to its natural harmony. What has this land witnessed? What memories does it hold for our clients living here? What is needed here?

And of course our ability to track the intrusive energies that are out of balance or out of place, that are now in the wrong place, having either already become ancestors or been drawn by the energetic note being sent out. “Who is here? “ is always our question.

We then work individually and collectively with the people living (or working) there, involving if necessary a one-to-one healing session to clear personal affinities, and a Despacho, which is an offering of gratitude to the Earth and to the family or workplace; this brings everything and everyone back into right relationship. Often a Fire Ceremony will be part of the process to release everything that no longer serves; honouring the gifts and lessons learned; and calling in something new and life enriching for everyone involved.

If this sounds like something that you, your family, your land, or your business would benefit from, please get in touch with Chris. All too often, we are called in as a last resort or when the situation is at near disaster or breaking point.

It’s not an everyday event for most people (though how different might the world be if it were...)

This process is a sweet and beautiful one whose aim is to restore harmony. And, just as we like to feel at ease within our own skin, it’s important to feel at ease and comfortable within our own home or workplace, so that it works with us, rather than against us.

Please do get in touch if what you’ve read here resonates for you or if you’d like more information.

Normally this is a process that takes a full day; for large properties perhaps longer. There will most likely be more than one of us, as working collaboratively helps us to be most effective. We travel all over the UK and also work overseas.