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MUNAY KI MASTERCLASS online with Chris Waters and Don Pascual Apaza Flores, live from Cusco, Peru.
Begins: Monday 8 November for 7 weeks.
Time: 7-9pm GMT
Booking & more details: click on the Eventbrite button.

Joining our online MUNAY KI class and receiving these beautiful nine rites of passage is a beautiful way to complete this extraordinary year, and make the best preparation for the year to come. We are also delighted that, for five of the seven weeks, we will be joined by Don Pascual Apaza Flores, live from Cusco. No experience is necessary to join this class, and even if you have lots of experience that’s fine too, the class is open to everyone.

The Q’ero people, from high in the Andes, are the source of these beautiful rites of passage, energetic transmissions that prepare our energy field for the changes that are taking place right now in our world. They are seeds woven into our energy field, so that we can feel held and protected as we go through this major shift together. They up-grade our energy system, including our immune system, so that we become filled with life, health and wellbeing. These seeds are the codes of the new human that is emerging right now on this planet as we take this evolutionary leap in consciousness into what the shamans call the Millennium of Peace.

Don Pascual Apaza Flores is an authentic Q’ero shaman, descendant of an ancient Inca tradition of medicine people. He has journeyed with us for many years as we made our yearly pilgrimages to Peru, through the Sacred Valley of the Inca. His power to heal comes directly from his connection to the mountains of his land and he holds a powerful medicine that we are blessed to be receiving in these times.

Here is the programme for each Monday, 7pm-9pm GMT; 8pm-10pm CET.

with Chris Waters
(Monday 8 November)

with Chris Waters
(Monday 15 November)

with Chris Waters and Don Pascual Apaza Flores
(Monday 22 November)

with Chris Waters and Don Pascual Apaza Flores
(Monday 29 November)

with Chris Waters and Don Pascual Apaza Flores
(Monday 6 December)

with Chris Waters and Don Pascual Apaza Flores
(Monday 13 December)

with Chris Waters and Don Pascual Apaza Flores
(Monday 20 December)


Begins: Saturday 26 February 2022.
Time: 12noon-5pm GMT

This 3 part course helps us to understand how we relate to ourselves and others, why we prefer attachment to authenticity, why we do the strangest things as humans (that bring us the very things we don't want!) and most of all how we can reclaim the very things that have stopped us from living life to the full and having deep and meaningful loving relationships that are authentic and real. As we dive into our shadow aspects we will discover the gold that lies within, our passion, our creativity have been waiting in the wings, for a chance to take centre stage in our lives, and, as our sovereign self begins to shine through, we discover the kind of connections and the kind of life that our hearts really yearn for. Shadow work is what Carl Jung calls Holy work, I believe it to be the work of the Heart Warrior. During this 3 part course you will learn some powerful tools and techniques for reclaiming your shadow aspects... learning to own them, to accept them, to befriend them, even if you do not wish to love them! We will shine a light into those places where we are holding ourselves back, where we are sabotaging ourselves, where we are judging ourselves and labelling each other, and where we come into conflict with ourselves and others. When we make peace with our shadow self then we can finally end the war with the enemy who lives within (and without) .. and focus on becoming ALL that we could be.

Saturday 26 February 2022 12 - 5pm (UK time)
A dynamic that creates havoc in all our relationships, even our relationship to life itself, this is one of the foundations of shadow work. The Triangle of Disempowerment is how we have learned to relate to ourselves and to others. We are all susceptible to what seems to be this universal and very compelling dynamic: victim, perpetrator, rescuer. Even without realising we can find ourselves drawn into these dramas over and over again. In this session you will experience how much of our personal power is tied up here , and you will discover ways to shift this.

Saturday 5 March 2022 12 - 5PM (UK time)
This is where we metaphorically hide all those parts of us that we deem unacceptable. These orphaned aspects of us do not go away, they show up as people we can judge, enemies we can hate, heroes we can worship. And they show up over and again in the dramas that we play out personally in our relationships, and collectively in our society. When we give away aspects of our original psyche in order to be loved, accepted, valued, acknowledged we end up wearing a mask, and disguises that make us feel valued, but at the same time we know somewhere in our psyche that this is not the truth of us, we end up feeling like an imposter or a fraud, because there's so much of authentic self that is hidden away. Those hidden parts are waiting to be reclaimed. Till then we wear outward signs of 'goodness', but inwardly feel 'unworthy' or inadequate in some way. In this session you will experience the power of lifting the shame filled parts of our psyche into the light of compassion and understanding. Deep, transformational and empowering... but come prepared to have some fun too!

Sunday 13 March 2022 12 - 5pm (UK time)
We all have 'gremlins' whose main reason for being is to keep us safe and to protect the most vulnerable part of our hearts. But deep in our psyche lies the gold that we have been hiding. The metaphor of the fire breathing dragon is in many cultures, and in those old stories we have to slay the dragon in order to regain our power. This is an old story that follows the path of war and conflict that for eons has been our 'modus operandi'. There's a new story, a different myth emerging, and in this session we discover that by 'naming' the dragon we witness with incredible compassion the release of our gold onto the waiting world. The return of our sovereign self.


Begins January 2022.

This programme has been so popular that we will be starting the fifth series in the New Year. Our Monday Foundation Class evenings have become an anchor point in our week and in our practice, and a wonderful way to stay connected with like-minded souls. We hope you’ll join (or rejoin!) us! No two series are ever the same. We will have dates for you in the coming weeks, but you can also follow us on Eventbrite to be notified when tickets go on sale, and we’ll see you there.


"The Medicine Wheel foundation has been a wonderful exploration. Something beautiful to look forward to on a weekday evening. Connecting with likeminded souls in such a safe and nourishing space.

"Chris is an inspirational, yet down to earth teacher who imparts her wisdom in a gentle and clear manner that infuses the heart and soul even before it reaches the brain. “I have found the experience of sitting in this circle quite remarkable and mesmerising as loved every minute.

“With a perfect mix of practical tools and spiritual grounding... this is just where I needed to be. “In fact it has been such a welcome part of my week that I chose to re-take the course. As I would again, as it has given me the opportunity to absorb more of the teachings. And instead of it feeling repetitive it has felt a continuation, a solidifying.

“Who knew that zoom could be used in such a powerful way?

"Thank you Chris, Liz and team Spirit of The Inca for your ingenuity and willingness to try new ways to impart your open hearted wisdom. ♥️” (EW)

I am delighted with the Medicine Wheel foundation sessions. They have far exceeded my expectations. Chris is a potent shaman, generous and gentle with the depth and breadth of wisdom shared. I connect easily with the nature based traditions and have found the sessions both grounding and helpful to enhance my resilience through current challenges in personal and work situations. If you have a flicker of interest to attend the course, just sign up and do it, you will not be disappointed.” (JD)

Our introductory workshops, courses, series of evenings are a great opportunity to learn new skills, and to discover some valuable tools to navigate these changing times. Techniques that are based on the ancient healing practices of the Inca shamans that we work with.
Don't miss out on learning now, what I believe we will all need as we move forward into an unknown future. 
These practices have helped all of us at Spirit of the Inca stay safe, held, healthy, balanced, centred and in right relationship with the earth.
Their value is priceless.... and I know you will benefit hugely by taking the time to learn what we have been sharing for many years. 

There has never been a better time to learn new ways of being in the world.

Other classes & workshop series:

To join our 2022-23 training in Romania, please contact Chris.
To join our 2022-23 training in the UK, please contact Chris.

This is the greatest healing journey that you will take. Together with a group of committed students and trainers, we journey around the medicine wheel, experiencing and practicing the powerful and beautiful healing tools and techniques of the Inca tradition. Every few months we spend a week together in one of the four directions, building our skills in each module, healing the past so that we can step fully into who we came to be. Powerful, transformative, creative, experiential learning at a deep level takes place here. Over the years I have learned that the way to work with groups is in a collaborative way, and we have worked together to create a courageous team of facilitators who are dedicated to bringing this healing work into the world.


Through the Sacred Valley and up to Lake Titicaca

Please do get in touch or sign up to the newsletter if you would like to be kept informed of Peru journey announcements.

A journey that takes us back to the heart of who we truly are. Life changing! For more details or to register your interest in future journeys, visit our Peru Journeys page or email Chris.


Online with Chris Waters in the UK and Don Pascual Apaza Flores in Peru:

Visit our Eventbrite homepage for more details and to join us!
In Peru & in the UK in 2022

Immerse yourself in the deep healing gifts of these 9 Great Initiations known as the Munay Ki in the land where they were downloaded, from the Q'ero, the medicine men and women who called them into being. Join us on our journey through the Sacred Valley and receive these rites with us.


Dates TBA for 2022

Discover the gifts in the shadow... a 4-day diving deep course for students who are truly serious about discovering what lives in their shadow. When we set out to live our purpose and be the best version of ourselves that we can be, we can be sure that our 'saboteurs' will surface, with all their good reasons why we should stay safe, small and invisible! This weekend we find their gift, retrieve the gold that's been waiting for us. A very powerful and life affirming masterclass!


This is a regular opportunity for students past and present of Spirit of the Inca to re-visit with the healing tools and remind ourselves of the sheer power and beauty of this work. We will deepen our practice of what we already know, working towards mastery of our skills, reminding ourselves of the Medicine Wheel practices that are the shaman's personal work. Bring with you beginners mind, your questions, your Mesa, and your willingness to learn more and take the next steps!

Contact [email protected] for more information, or sign up to our newsletter or click on Eventbrite for dates.

email [email protected] for more information and make sure you’ve signed up to the newsletter.



The  Way of the Shaman training is much more than a practitioner skills course. It is a leadership training, and the world needs visionaries, leaders who hold their power differently. I have trained many people over the last 20 years, and my deepest wish is for everyone to be successful in their own right, and contribute fully and wholeheartedly to our changing world.
I believe that we each of us hold a piece of a much larger puzzle and that, just like all jigsaw puzzles, we need to be 'face up' so that when we take our place, then the greater picture emerges of who we can be as a species, and how we want our world to look. I know that each of us is a unique being with a unique gift to bring; my signature note is that 'we can all shine like bright stars in the night sky, and yet still form part of a constellation'. I believe it is vitally important that we show up now, that we take our place as visionaries, leaders, agents of change, catalysts for transformation, creative thinkers, thought provokers, dreamers, artists, writers:  we have been waiting for this great turning time. Everything that we do as part of our organisation is to assist the process of change and transformation, releasing all the old patterns and stories that keep us from living our true potential so that we can become what we came here to be. 


The shaman call this time we are in the Pachakutti... the world turning the right way up again. 

There was a time when we all believed that the world was flat and that if you sailed off beyond the horizon you would fall off the edge of the world and be lost forever! Great civilizations have come and gone, great cycles of time have taken place on this earth. Much information is lost and we have pulled together the threads and woven a tapestry that fits our thinking and our beliefs about our world and how it works. But now we are at a time of immense change: science and technology are allowing us to create a whole new world. The question is what kind of world are we creating? It seems to me that we are sitting right at the edge of a great turning time where we could take an evolutionary leap into a new future.

First though we must look at our creation and take responsibility for what we have already dreamed into being. We have been educated to become consumers rather than creators. Consumers feed into the system so that the 'system' feeds and sustains only itself... it is self perpetuating, self reliant, self interested and uses fear, lack and scare-city to keep the wheels of the system oiled and turning. If we could see the movement of energy, it would be from the outside inwards towards the centre.

Creators, on the other hand, have a tendency to be autonomous, free thinking, outside of the box individuals... they may also be self interested but their creations are mostly new and exciting and if we could see the movement of energy it would be from the centre outwards... sharing their creations with the world, each creation a giving birth to something new. Mostly creators want change, dont want to 'fit' into the system, and they want to make a difference in the world rather than keep the system in place.

The system is threatened by creators!

We now have the science and technology for everyone to become creators.  We can find out everything we need to know on the internet via computers, tablets and our phones. We can make music, films, entertain, learn and inform each other. But because we have also created this culture of consumerism we have become addicted to consuming rather than creating: we have TV that perpetuates the consumer system, computer games that perpetuate war, alcohol and drugs (pharmaceutical as well as recreational) that keeps us 'asleep' to our greatness, shopping for more and better 'stuff' that keeps us wanting more. As a society we actively encourage these addictions; everything is available to us, everything is on show,  its cheap and easy, and requires nothing from us.. except more consumerism.

We have created and fed a system that does not want change, otherwise we would not be trying to shore up the banking system, and keeping systems in place at huge social, financial, and ecological cost to the planet. Educating our children to become creators will rock the system and we have to do it!  We don't need people who 'behave'... what behave means is 'do as you are told, or else'. Neither are 'rebels' much use to our world as they simply create guerilla warfare.. which is more of the same. 

At Spirit of the Inca we believe that what we need in our world right now are people who have learned what it means to be authentic; to be led by values and ethics, and to be doing what they love and in service to our humanity. Not creating tsunamis or tidal waves, but simply creating; contributing their unique gift to the world.. this way everyone benefits and the world is a better place because each one of us is living a purposeful life, and the effect of that is felt everywhere, like ripples on the pond that ripple outwards and eventually come back to meet us.

We believe that we can create a world where our children are considered to be the future possibility... where we make decisions based on the impact of our actions on the world that we are creating. Where we treat our children and all beings with respect. and we all take responsibility for what we are creating... yes, even war and poverty. We cannot tell ourselves it has nothing to do with us.  It has everything to do with what we have come to  believe, what we tell ourselves, the story and myths that we live by.  And when we don't question our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions then we re-create what was..  over and over again. Like we continued to think the world flat until just one person came back and mapped it as round!

This Great Turning time requires us all to show up, to challenge and change our old patterns and to embrace a new story of who we could be as a human species here on planet earth, we are here to become the best version of us that we can be. This is our collective vision here at Spirit of the Inca, it's what we do, and what we personally, individually and collectively work towards. Together, as a team of individuals, our gift is to encourage all those beings who know there is another way to live to find what's in their heart, their essence, and live that fiercely and wholeheartedly in the world. We are here to make a difference!



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