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Freeing the Shadow Self

Freeing the Shadow Self

The Shadow is the hidden side of our psyche, with both its positive and negative aspects.

It's the part of us that has been banished, mostly lives in the dark, and doesn’t come out much, except when we least expect it, and mostly when we are least able to control it!  then we can feel as if something else has taken over our lives, someone else has taken over the steering wheel and is now driving our bus... and we can't be sure where we will end up!

Our shadow self can wreak havoc with our health, our relationships, with our careers and keep us stuck in old patterns of behaviour that seem inappropriate and yet hard to change.

Scared, pushed out of sight, where we imagine that no one can see it, our shadow is waiting to be honoured, set free and brought into the light where it can truly serve us, rather than keep us small, hidden and protected from our true destiny.

It takes a lot of energy to keep our Shadow Self hidden, that's how we end up with chronic fatigue/auto immune diseases and other debilitating illnesses. If we don't hide it within and harm ourselves, we will most certainly give it to someone else to hold for us… just so we can see it… and mostly we find that those are the very people who push our buttons and make us crazy??!! The enemy within, or the external enemy? Either way this is what creates conflict in our lives, and distracts us from what we are here to do..

We want to get to know all these orphaned parts of ourselves so that we can hold our power lightly in the world.  The way to world peace is through acceptance of our differences - if we can accept the parts of us that we have come to fear, mistrust or hate, then we can find peace in our hearts and we will be a true and lasting force for change in the world.

In addition to all these benefits, shadow work releases us from the grip of our 'gremlins'; the parts of us that fear change and want us to stay small and insignificant. It's an opportunity to reach out beyond our limitations and embrace fully the potential that lives within each of us.

Ane experiential, lively and powerful weekend where we dive together into our shadows and return with nuggets of gold; our gold. We will bring home our light and release our uniqueness, our creativity, our imagination, and our courage onto the waiting world.

Facilitated by Chris Waters, shamanic practitioner and facilitator, brings laughter, grace, depth and a wealth of wisdom to the processes. "My gift is to create a safe and supportive space where you can immerse yourself in the sacred work of the shaman:  learn how to work from a deep place of stillness, in sacred space, how to work with fire ceremony, discover your allies in the underworld, and learn an earth based ritual that honours the landscape of our lives. These are skills that you can weave into the fabric of your daily lives.  By the end of this weekend you will have a new sense of who you are, and what's possible for your life".

Further Info

We run this class in the UK and Romania each year. It’s open to students past and present of our Medicine Wheel training. The only places remaining this year are on the UK class:

Friday 9 to Monday 12 November 2018

starting at 11am Friday finishing 4pm Monday
Cost for training: £250 early bird price if you book before 9 October; £280 thereafter. Book via Eventbrite. This class is a masterclass for people who have begun or completed the Medicine Wheel training with Spirit of the Inca.
Cost for accommodation and meals: £280/£260 (depending on numbers).
Location: Bristol, UK
Contact: Chris