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  • Spirit of the Inca
  • Spirit of the Inca

Living & Working in the Mythic Realm





Here in the heart of mythic Britain, we will deepen our understanding of the myths that we already live by. We explore how those myths weave themselves through time and place: how they continue to inform us at a deep level, and how we can shift them from our DNA so that we can co create a new myth for ourselves, and for others.

This course deepens our experience of the sacred and the world of the imaginal: honing our skills to mastery level by learning how  to work within  the mythic realm, and from there  to shift the old, worn out maps.. to co- create new maps for ourselves and for our clients, maps that are more compelling, more life-enriching than the old ones;  and that allow us to courageously, wholeheartedly take up our 'Kingship' and be in service to the New Earth. 

  • Step into the myths that live in this magical  landscape
  • Explore the new myths that are emerging here and in the world
  • Discover how to work with archetypical energies
  • Bring the sacred to life in everything that we do

During this course you develop the kind of mastery that your clients expect of you.  Deepening your shaman skills so that  you can recognise what patterns and stories live within them, and then be able to hook them out, skillfully, seamlessly and gracefully... placing their feet  on higher ground.  Finding what's possible for their lives, tracking and seeing the new story emerging.

The Keys to Mastery:

  • How to create rapport with the client
  • How to recognise their old map 
  • How to listen empathically to self and others
  • How to identify the new map emergiing
  • How to co-create a new map
  • How to help the client to integrate a new map into their 'field'
  • How to work with clients to find and shift their beliefs, behaviours and repeating patterns

This is the true art and craft of the shaman of the 21st century, to become a myth maker, to work with clients to co-create with them a new more compelling story, a healed story, one that serves them and helps them to remember who they are why there are here.

We explore the masculine story of Iron John, which gives us insight into the 'wild' masculine and a real sense of what has gone missing in our inner masculine today. We also unravel the descent of Innana, the first and original myth of the feminine. Both of these will give us insight into who we have become and how we might bring these two aspects together within in divine unity that will heal the wounds of separation. Separation from ourselves, and from each other. These two myths together help us to understand the true nature of these energies that are available for us, and that we have shied away from because they have nothing to do with conforming... or rebelling and everything to do with our nature, natural, whole selves. These aspects together allow us to reclaim the 'wild' within, not the 'savage' which is what the 'wild' has become, but the  creative force that moves through us when we align ourselves with our true nature. As we play with these myths we step into the land of the 'gods'... archetypical energies that we have available to us and that help us to grow and evolve as humans.

We are standing at the edge of a great turning time, the great remembering... consciousness is growing and expanding and we are part of a bigger story of what it means to be a human being here on earth right now. The wisdom that we find within the mythic realms, the heros journey and the fairy and folk tales of old are road maps that can guide us, warn us of dangers along the path, but we can equally keep ourselves stuck in old paradigms that no longer serve us. 

During our time together we will explore in depth some of these myths so that we can together create a new myth that better serves our time. We also learn a new language that goes with the new myth... how to communicate, collaborate,  co-create in a way that is powerful and yet not over-powering. This is the new paradigm emerging. 

We are standing at the edge of the unknown, never before has humanity been in such a place.  A new pathway is emerging, we are co creating our world as we go. The question is "what will we create and from where will the new stories emerge?"

Come prepared to have fun, to be open to whatever arrives in the moment, to immerse yourself in the mythic realm, to share an extraordinary 5 days in the magical land of Avalon.. the Glass Isle.. where everything is a mirror...  looking through the glass darkly, crossing the threshold.. so that you can step between the worlds and download a new destiny for yourself, for your clients and for the earth herself.


After a beautiful resolution during our final masterclass at Abbey a House in Glastonbury, UK, in March 2017, this class is now evolving and we will be announcing the new format in due course! 


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