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Fire Ceremony

Fire Ceremony

Inca shamanism is a path of FIRE! Fire is an ancient tradition, the greatest and quickest way to transform, to purify and let go.

In this tradition we come to fire at every full and new moon. Whether we do this by ourselves or with a community of people, we do it to honour the passage of time, the passing of the seasons, and the continuing letting go of that which no longer serves us. It's a way to 'empty our cup' so that we can nourish ourselves from the new and transform and purify the old.

Fire is an ancient tradition. Our souls know this feeling of coming together around a fire… we have been standing around fires since the beginning of time.

There was a long-ago time when we gathered to celebrate and honour the passage of time, the renewing of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, and now as we gather around our fires we re-remember this feeling of standing together as one voice, one heart.

At Spirit of the Inca, we are soon to begin holding regular community fires, and you are welcome to join us.

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Each year on the Winter Solstice we gather together to celebrate the dark and welcome back the light.

“Silently, and carefully carrying our little lights, we moved across the land, like shadows... the only thing illuminated were our faces, glowing gently in the light of our own little T lights, cupped in our hands. In the dark, through the mist we appeared like a host of angels floating towards the fire. This is the most magical of moments for me in the entire year” (from Chris’s personal journal).

As the energy of Mother Earth sinks below the surface we too are called to go inwards, to be still, to reflect, to be silent.

During these dark winter months, we will feel the call to hibernate just like the bear in winter; she goes into the cave and does not emerge until the sun returns and the days are longer and warmer. When she does, she brings with her the offspring that she has gestated and birthed during her time in the darkness. This is such a beautiful metaphor for us humans.. and yet we more often than not choose to continue to push ourselves through this time of year, without honouring the darkness and the deep rest and comfort that darkness brings. Bone weariness can show up when we are unwilling to let the darkness enfold us in her winter blanket.

Have you noticed how our culture encourages us to do exactly the opposite? We get invited to go out, partying, be extra sociable, go shopping for stuff, a kind of Christmas frenzy that belies what nature (and our own nature) is really asking of us.

The Winter Solstice is the turning point, the darkest time of the year and the shortest day. From this point onwards the light begins to return, slowly and emphatically bringing with it a whole new perspective on life.

This is the time to dream; to make choices about how we want our world to look when the light returns. Its a good time to ask ourselves what seed waits within to grow as the days grow longer and warmer? What could we create, gestate, nurture and nourish into life for the future.

We celebrate the Winter Solstice at Braziers Park, a beautiful place in the wilds of Oxfordshire, yet very close to Reading.

Our Winter Solstice celebration here is a combination of quiet, stillness, reflection and a beautiful pilgrimage across the land carrying our own little lights to honour the return of the light within; and a fire ceremony to bring the warmth of the sun into our hearts for the time to come. This beautiful and sacred celebration gives us a different perspective on the Christmas season, a truly magical night where dark meets light and seeds of the future are sown into the web of life.

We would love you to join us for this antidote to the ‘Christmas Crazy’; a way to come together in community in a meaningful and magical way, to celebrate the return of the light within.

PLEASE BRING WITH YOU a t-light candle in a (jam) jar, and a couple of small sticks to put in the fire as a way of honouring what you want to leave behind, and what you want to weave into your life in the time to come.

It starts at 7pm and finishes at the end! Usually around 9:30pm. Booking is essential - we need to know numbers - and we’ll post TicketTailor links to book nearer the time. Sign up to our newsletter too for diary reminders.

What would a gathering be without some celebration food to share! We will provide hot drinks and mince pies... and you are invited to bring just a little something to share... finger food, nibbles, that type of thing... as we always have a get together inside in the warmth of Braziers dining room after fire ceremony to chat and commune in the way we love to do!

For more details contact: Chris

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