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We provide a system of ancient and modern healing practices, courses, trainings, workshops and journeys specifically designed to help you grow in spirit, to heal the wounds of the past, and to cultivate a fulfilling and authentic life for your future… a future where you make a positive difference in our world, leaving your footprint softly in the new earth that is emerging. 

Click on the image below to hear Chris describe exactly how we do this in a podcast interview with Steve Ahnael Nobel of The Soul Matrix.

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Our newsletters are published four times a year. We share our news, the dates of our annual Medicine Wheel training, our Masterclass workshops in Glastonbury, our Sacred Journeys to Peru, our 'Introduction to Shamanism' workshops, and the inspirational work of our community, our 'allyu'. We may occasionally send an extra email if we're running an extra workshop or to let you know if a workshop is full. (We do not share our mailing list!)

It is also an opportunity to share the collective creative talents of our alumni - poems, artwork, music, and anything else that has emerged from shamanic training with us.

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Her is some of the feedback that we've received from our students. Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences, and have told us what stepping into our 'training for life' has meant to them.

Here's what Dana says about her journey with us around the Medicine Wheel (2018-19):

"Thank you, Chris. Thank you for each step that I’ve made. Today I realized that I’ve come some essential kilometres. Four years ago I was an open wound. I was scared of people, noises, meetings, closed spaces… I was deeply ashamed because I was forgetting everything, because I was not able to keep an open conversation because I lost all that I accumulated during a lifetime. I was suffering profoundly of 'death scare'. I was told that I did not have too much time… and everything looked just hopeless. My boy had lost his father and he was in a position to lose his mother too. There were few persons close to me. Meeting you (for which I will thank all my life to my friend Valentin) induced the most important leap forward of my life. I am the kind of person that feels more than thinks. My shyness prevented me from expressing directly as I would have liked to so I decided to write you.

“Chris, thanks to you (and to this medicine path), today I love myself, I’m daring and full of life. These days I am free of syncope and can speak coherently. I am a healthy person and I know that I 'danced with death'. Today I am a Shaman that madly loves the dance of life! Today I’m aware that I couldn’t have succeeded without this medicine path. Today I know that if I stumble I can rise laughing and walk further.

“Last night’s fire threw its arms around me with thousands of incandescent stars. It spoke to me. Called to me: Live! I flinched and stared into its depth… I let it touch my heart and I felt it melting in love.

“Do you know why I come to the wheel every year? Because I love to be with you. I love the energy we generate. I love to see how things begin to move. How we set ourselves free, how we look at each other like in a mirror, how we re-discover ourselves, how we take our hands, how we grow, how we mock science. I’m fascinated and I can’t stop marvelling at these seemingly basic things that sometime look ridiculously simple.

“My utmost gratitude, Chris! Munay Sonqo."

(in Q'echuan language Munay Sonqo means: my heart is filled with love)



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